Here at FOMO, we believe you should never compromise on safety for comfort, however understand the need for you to be able to perform at your best. This is why we are leading the way in revolutionary design, bringing a body protector like no other to the market.


Envisage wrapping your body in a soft adaptive foam that molds to your shape and instantly hardens on impact. Our solutions are flexible, breathable and easy to adjust. The innovative foam, paneling and adjustment provides a comfortable solution that has improved safety without inhibiting movement. Refusing to settle for safety without the comfort, the FOMO FAZE range will surpass your expectations… you won’t even know you’re wearing it!



    The mechanism allows you to adjust the protector to the way you want it to feel, giving you control of your comfort and safety.



      We believe that your safety is paramount. Our soft foams have been tested over and above the industry standards.



        The combination of the textiles we use ensures our protector is flexible, breathable and easy to adjust.  Our sleek shoulder protectors mean no more nasty scratches



          We have designed our protector to make it easy for you to wear and this includes our outer being able to be removed and washed.

          THE TEAM

          Carmen Cummiskey - Founder & Managing Director of FOMO


          My name is Carmen Cummiskey and I am the Founder and Managing Director of FOMO. Horse riding has been a massive part of my life since I was a child. I participated in a variety of events growing up including dressage, show jumping and showing.

          When I was about 10 years old I suffered a bad fall due to a speeding vehicle when I was out on a hack with my friend and our ponies. Thankfully there were no broken bones but I spent the next few months suffering back pain and attending a physiotherapist unable to ride. After this accident my parents made me swear to always ride in a body protector but I hated it; it was uncomfortable, too warm and restrictive. My pony at the time, was an avid bucker and I quickly ditched the body protector as I felt it inhibited my ability in the saddle.

          A good decade or so on, there has been a lack of real innovation in the sport, so I decided to design something that would inspire rider confidence and ability in the saddle. You know what they say if you want something done right, do it yourself.

          Ian White

          Ian White Chairman

            A seasoned entrepreneur having founded three start- ups including Run 4 It and previously been the Finance Director of Tiso. Ian knows what it takes to scale a business and has been assisting with cash flow management.

            Lisa McKendry

            Lisa McKendry Marketing Manager

              With over 20 years experience in sales and marketing across a wide range of industries, Lisa has been involved in the rebranding and development of marketing strategies for both small and international businesses.

              Rachel Latham

              Rachel Latham Designer and Garment Technologist

                Training in fashion, Rachel has over 15 years experience in the industry.  She has built her reputation producing garments and accessories for both high street and high end retailers, across many different product categories.  She has been utilising her skills and experience to help others get their products to market, and with a life-long interest in equestrianism, she is now marrying two of her passions in joining the FOMO team.

                Jamie Laird

                Jamie Laird Product Development Manager

                  Jamie is an enthusiastic and determined individual.  Since graduating from the University of Strathclyde with a Masters in Sports Engineering.  Jamie has gone on to work with award winning start up companies and some of the UKs largest sporting brands.  With a keen eye for detail and a love for all sports, Jamie is excited to become the latest member of the FOMO team.