Jenna Hasting’s April Update

Jenna Hasting’s April Update

Well unprecedented times have hit us and I am currently coping with working during lockdown as well as trying to figure out what to do with my horse! Due to the fact there are going to be no competitions for a while, Trusty has been given a bit of a break. He’s still doing little bits of work here and there but only short hacks, lunging and loose jumping to keep his brain active.

It’s been a good time to start one of my yard owner’s youngsters due to having a bit more time on my hands and she’s doing really well.  She’s 4 years old this year so it’s perfect timing and with doing it at home we can take all the time we need with her to make sure we are doing it as safely as possible. I’ve just started getting on her and am ensuring I have a decent hat on my head and a body protector just in case. So far so good though!

Life has not really changed for me in other respects, work has carried on and other than that it’s actually been quite nice to spend more time indoors. We have been tasked on the police horses to keep patrolling the rural areas and encourage people to follow the guidelines set out by the government. On the whole, this has gone really well and we’ve been really pleased with how people have responded. Typically, British weather has not been helping out with an unexpected heat wave going through – very unusual with it being a bank holiday as well! It’s certainly made things easier at work with being able to go out in a t-shirt instead of loads of layers but I can understand people’s frustrations about not being able to make the most of the weather.

The important thing to remember is that this will not be forever, it is a short-term limitation that we must endure to make life better for the future. It is a situation that needs to be taken seriously and the more we abide by the guidelines, the quicker we will come out the other side. It has been amazing to see how kind and generous the public can be towards us – we’ve loved seeing rainbow pictures in the windows of residences as we’ve patrolled, I’ve been given a queue jump at a supermarket for being a police officer and I’ve even had my own personal round of applause on a Thursday night when leaving my car in a car park to walk home!

Looking towards the summer, I will take what I can get this year competition wise. Obviously, a lot of the shows, we were looking forward to and planning for, have been cancelled so I am now just waiting to see when everything reopens and I will make a plan then. I’m still hoping to at least move up to BE100 by the end of the year, if it all opens up again by August, but as they say, there is always next year. The important thing is to stay healthy and safe.

Jenna Hastings

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