Jenna Hastings

So I can finally reveal to you all that I’ve successfully been recruited as a Mounted Police Officer with Gloucester Police! I’m very excited as you can imagine and I’m hoping to be able to share my journey with you. I’ve just finished my first week of training down with the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch in preparation for my move to Gloucestershire. It was very sad saying goodbye to all my Hertfordshire buddies but I’ll be staying in touch and I’m still living in Herts at the moment as well.
Commuting every day to Imber Court is a bit of a killer with having to do the horses in the morning – who knew there was another 4:00 in the day when eventing wasn’t on the cards! It’s been great though and to be able to ride every day as part of my job is so exciting. This has been my dream job ever since I thought about joining the police some 10 years ago but I don’t think I actually saw myself being successful in achieving it so it’s all a little surreal at the moment.
Sadly we are having to compromise quite a lot as this training course is 12 weeks long, working 4 days and 6 days on alternate weeks; then there is the move to Gloucestershire to factor in so competing any time soon has very much been put on the back burner. I’ve been very lucky to find a sharer who can ride Trusty twice a week whilst I’m on my course which is helping keep him ticking over but he’s very much on the chill out at the moment! The lorry is being sold as it’s co-owned and I’m not too sure with finances as to how long it’ll be before I have some more transport to get out and about. That’s the joys of horses though and it’ll all get figured out eventually, it just might be a bit of a quiet year this year on that front! I can’t pass up this opportunity to have my dream job though and I hope I’ll have lots of exciting updates and things to share with you along the way.
Stay tuned!
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