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In this section, we follow our ambassadors through their highs, lows and overall journey to greatness. This is a selection of real life, up and coming riders who are striving towards bettering themselves, their horses and their performance.

Wills Oakden Update

Season 2021 is a go! It was great to finally be back out eventing again. Huge thank you to everyone involved with the elite sports riders for making Oasby Elite a great first event for many of us. It was also my first event with…

Team Shieldhill’s Spring Update

Finally, it feels like spring is on its way! This winter has felt super long for us! We had almost 3 months of solid snow    which meant our poor horses hardly stepped foot outside of their stables! But recently it has been all systems…

Our ambassador Jenna talks of getting her horse Trusty back to fitness

Well, I’ve been quiet for a while, apologies for that. Sadly Trusty had a slight injury in July 2020 where he had a check ligament strain. Although it was very minor, due to the fact ligaments are very temperamental and with the joys of lockdown,…

Winter Training Tips by Alex Holman

My winter training tip is: to work on the basics! This is something that sounds as it is, basic, but it is very important for our training and is definitely something that I make sure I get into all coaching sessions I deliver and every…


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